Friday, October 1, 2010

Historical Freshet In My House


[fresh-it] noun

1. a freshwater stream flowing into the sea

2.  a sudden rise in the level of a stream or a flood, caused by heavy rains or the rapid melting of snow

Freshet describes my life during the last few days.  Over 11 inches of rain in my neighborhood caused quite the mess in our basement playroom.  And a major flooding of local roads and backyards.  I had to miss teaching kindergarten their media lesson [which is funny since I don't teach, but that's another story] and Bank's class missed me for their workshop.  I couldn't leave the area since the fire department closed the road and the police gave the school bus an escort. I'm pretty sure the bus driver was amused!

Because of our freshet, I'm now quite capable of tearing up carpet.  I have to say it's quite cathartic! Nothing like a little demolition when you're really pissed off at a situation! I was mostly upset that the short ones didn't clean up their toys so I stepped on the corner of a lego and about lost it at 7 in the morning.  Ow! So any toys I had to pick up are mine now.

And I managed to fix the sump pump several times yesterday by whacking the heck out of it with a large hammer.  I'm not sure I recommend that method (Q is really great at fixing stuff but he was working and had a cold so...)but it worked for me yesterday! I may need a new one if I bruised it too much though.

I've also realized as much as I hate anything slimy that a) it's my house I'm protecting, so suck it up and clean the drains out back to the stream bed, b) sticks are not snakes so don't scream, c) as much as I like frogs, they shouldn't be hopping into my house to escape the rain, and d) I have even greater respect for plumbers.

I went through 2 rain coats, which seemed to mimic the ones for the U.S. Golf team in NOT keeping you dry, and 3 changes of clothes by 9 am.  I gave up wearing my glasses because they aren't outfitted with mini wipers.  And, since it was sort of warm out, I seriously considered just wearing a bathing suit and my swim goggles out back along with my Keen sandals to keep all of the drains clear.  I didn't, only because I was terrified that would be the ONE single moment that one of my neighbors would be crazy enough to walk behind our house and they would see me.

While cleaning one drain in particular, there was quite a bit of debris.  Things like leaves, sticker balls, and a few sticks.  I don't mind snakes at all.  I've moved boiling nests and everything.  I really hate being surprised though. I have a strong startle reflex which gives friends great amusement.  I also possess the ability to give myself a self induced panic attack.  It's pretty special.  I was so afraid that the sticks were really going to be snakes.  I was all sweaty and cold and freaking out. They were sticks.  Q laughed at me when I told him.  Nina laughed at me when I told her. I love them too. [Q is actually really afraid of snakes.  I can't believe he laughed.  Paybacks are hell.]

When opening the door, a frog hopped into the house.  You know it must be a really bad rain storm if the frogs want to come in.  Q relocated one into my garden, I moved a couple to take refuge under the rhubarb and basil.  We have a lot of wildlife!  I love frogs. I even collect frog stuff.  I do not want live frogs jumping around my house though.  It's bad enough that we have the Stink Bug Invasion of 2010.

Plumbers around my area must have been super busy yesterday.  And carpet people.  I cannot even imagine the hours they put in, and with the conditions they had to work in, I think they deserve every penny they charged.  They most likely saw folks at their most stressed out, worst time and they had to be professional.  And they had to diagnose and fix the problem.  Kudos to them for keeping the midatlantic area from not drowning in their basements.

My next door neighbor, who Q and I have helped a number of times in power outages, was super sweet and brought pizza for the kids and wine for the 3 of us.  She is great.  As a mom herself, she thought a good bottle of wine might sooth my nerves (Q pretty much always keeps his cool, thank God one of us does!).  So we had some peanuts and wine.  And her sprinkler system was on this morning.  11+ inches of rain since Tuesday is not enough for her grass.  Wonder if I can claim nerves and get her to cut mine too? Hmm...

Well, it's Friday, and happy hour for the moms in our 'hood.  So I'm off to enjoy the wonderful fall weather and a glass of wine.



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